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Cleanse, Balance, Build

Cleanse, Balance, Build

(Before starting any supplements or making significant diet changes, always talk to your medical provider.)

The fire hose of health information available on social media and “Dr. Google” might have you spinning, so I’ve tried to keep it simple here with tips to cleanse, balance, and build a healthy body and mind.

Even when we eat healthfully, the food supply in our country is undernourished. Soil does not have the nutrients it used to, which means we don’t get them either. The organic, safe farming, non-GMO industries are hard to understand. Because of these things, I now believe that most of us need a good quality multivitamin/multimineral. I’ve spent years looking for one that has important nutrients and eliminates the need for other supplements. I found it in Daily Build.

Plant-based, whole foods diets are the keys to good health, but eating clean food can be expensive. Follow the Environmental Working Group’s recommendations for buying organic: Clean Fifteen, Dirty Dozen. When necessary organic produce is on sale, buy in bulk, prepare, and freeze for later use!

Shop the perimeter of your grocery store, avoid packaged products with more than 5 ingredients and those you can’t pronounce, and consider local produce deliveries. Check out Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch page and app for safe and sustainable seafood.

Need some basic help about where to start? Check out the book “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan

Pooping is important! Constipation is a common problem of the Standard American Diet which is, just like it sounds, SAD! Mila provides an excellent source of fiber and plant-based omegas to get your bowels moving.

We all wonder about cleansing. Purposes include detoxification, improving GI health, improving mood, clearing skin, improving metabolism. Cleansing is meant to be done intermittently only. Using Cleanse for 7-10 days every 2 months can promote digestive health.

Stress can wreak havoc on your physical health. Go Yin is a balancing (and tasty) blend of adaptogens and superfruits that improved overall feelings of vigor, well-being and decreased feelings of sadness, tension and fatigue in a preliminary study of 100 individuals.

Core 4 + Mila sets the stage for optimal wellness and pure healing.

Safe Hydration and electrolyte supplementation is important to reduce the use of unnatural ingredients and dyes as we all get hotter and practice safe exercise!

Remember, healing is always possible, even when a cure is not. Always talk to your health care provider before starting any supplement or diet.

Check out this article for some helpful information about how you can prevent inflammation with whole foods!